The Law Enforcement Industrial Complex

As he was leaving office in 1960, President Eisenhower warned America that the fiscal self-interest of defense contractors and the military had the potential to create a powerful self-serving lobby that he dubbed the "Military Industrial Complex."  Over the course of the past quarter century, we have seen the rise of a "Law Enforcement Industrial Complex."  The Law Enforcement Industrial Complex consists of lawyers, judges, police, prison workers, social workers, courthouse workers and many others who owe their livelihoods to The Drug War.  In the so-called Land of the Free, we have made a multi-billion dollar a year industry out of putting people in chains.

As The Drug War has continued to fail, the Courts have accommodated police by eliminating those pesky civil liberties that keep getting in the way.  These days, if police say that they smell marijuana outside the door of your home and they knock but nobody answers and they say they can hear movement inside, the police are legally permitted to break your door down without a warrant.  [Refer to, Kentucky v. King].

America's criminal justice system has run amok over the course of the last 25 years.  It has gotten so bad that, these days, innocent people often make the rational decision to plea guilty to something that they are not technically guilty of because the system is largely dismissive of "technicalities" like the 4th and 5th Amendments to the United States Constitution.