Drug & DUI Cases are Different.

Do you need a warrior or a diplomat?

Drug cases are the kind of criminal cases that are least likely to go to trial.  Only rarely is a drug case a "Whodunnit."  The Defendant will almost always be found guilty if the government is allowed to use the evidence it has acquired.  It's been said that, "All politics is local."  Similarly, most good lawyering is local.  A lawyer from halfway across his home state is not as likely to know the tendencies of judges and prosecutors as he does when working closer to home.  Often the decisions about how much or how far to fight the case will depend on how a particular judge is likely to rule.   Sometimes, knowing whether or not a prosecutor is trustworthy can be the difference between an easy dismissal and having to litigate the case.

Given that the vast majority of cases result in plea bargains, it is likely that the outcome of your case will be more dependent upon your lawyer's skill in motion practice and negotiation than his or her skills at trial.


Traffic Stops

Do not consent to a search.

Never answer police questions.  Utilize your right to remain silent.

Always ask to speak to your attorney immediately.