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During the past thirty years, something has happened to the American criminal justice system that never should have happened.  It became an industry.  Thirty or more years ago, most crimes had victims.  These days the majority of crimes prosecuted revolve around drugs and alcohol.  In that same thirty years, America's incarceration rate grew to exceed that of any culture in history.  In a culture where so many are without work, putting each other in chains has become big business.

The Drug Lawyer is the first ever franchise conceived with the idea of putting itself out of business.  Most Americans now understand that the Drug War is a foolish waste of lives and resources.  The Drug War continues primarily because the drug "warriors" have become as addicted to the policy of prohibition as anybody has ever been addicted to drugs.  The Drug Lawyer is a network of lawyers who understand that the "War on Drugs" is, in fact, a war on ourselves.  Our league of lawyers is committed to ending the War on Drugs while mitigating the harm it does in the meantime.  


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Never answer police questions. Utilize your right to remain silent.

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